August 2, 2013 Karlyle Gomes

How ‘Pinterest’ing are you?

Pinteresting Facts

While Facebook still comes out on top when it comes to social media and online marketing, for businesses to get their content out to the public, Pinterest appears to beat Facebook in a number of categories.

  • Pinterest traffic spent 60% more than traffic from Facebook.
  • Pinterest traffic converted to a sale 22% more often than Facebook
  • Facebook traffic bounced 90% of the time, compared to 75% for Pinterest

Should your business use Pinterest? What can you do to engage your Pinterest audience? Here are three simple pointers for getting started.

  1. Have a plan. Don’t just set up a page and start randomly posting. You’ll want to lay out exactly what boards you want. A great example of proper Pinterest use is Kohl’s, who has a board for clothing, shoes, kitchen products, outdoor products and much more.
  2. Connect with your followers. Do you have a product that you can show people using? Start pinning pictures of customers with your product, or run a contest to engage your audience.
  3. Keep your content fresh. Be sure to constantly keep your newest and most intriguing content pinned. Once a product or service gets old or replace, make sure you are removing it and replacing it with the next great product you are offering.

As it goes for any social media platform, you have to analyze and attempt to set up a plan before setting up a page and start engagement on Pinterest to see if it is right for your business.

Pinteresting Facts

Some Pinteresting Facts

Instead of viewing Pinterest as a site to collect more stuff you want but just can’t afford, you might want to think of it as a place to help you save money. Starting August 1st, the social network is adding a new feature that alerts users when prices on pinned items drop.

Users who don’t want the alerts can disable them in the same settings menu where they can currently disable email notifications. At the moment, there are no customized options for the notifications; for instance, you can’t specify when you’d want to get them or if you wanted them about a particular category of products.

Check out some great uses of online marketing campaigns on Pinterest.

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